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July 06 2017

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Secret Recipes To Try At Home


If you’re into big box stores, Sam’s Club sells Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuit mix in giant boxes which makes them super easy. 

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Warden Commander Fenris for cypheroftyr.  Thank you so much for commissioning me (and introducing me to the concept of LongHairedMassivelyArmoured!Fenris, which was a thing I didn’t know I needed in my life but cannot now live without). :D

AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE THIS! So, the backstory on Warden Commander Fenris is that in the fourth installation; of A Different Path Series, [Minrathous:Full Circle] Fenris has taken over the Minrathous Keep after Anders has stepped down as Warden Commander.

This is his official, serious business Warden Commander portrait that hangs in the Keep’s Hall. He’s grumpy because he had to sit still so long for it. Also, Anders had the colours of the MInrathous branch of the Wardens changed to Grey and Crimson rather than Grey and Blue so they would be distinct.

Thank you so, so much! Seeing this made my morning a lot better! Also, you should commission onemooncircles!!


shoutout to @sailershanty for reminding me how much I love HunterxHunter


do I need to stop doing free graphic design for anybody who asks me to my face? yes

am I going to any time in the near future? APPARENTLY NOT

July 05 2017


Do I know it is Wednesday conceptually? Sure. 

But my heart tells me it is Monday, I’m going to be in Monday Tasks Mode all day, I am going to be stumbling through the remainder of this week in a muddle of helpless confusion and that my friends is why I think Independence Day should just follow the Thanksgiving Model and be on a Friday every year, giving me a Long Weekend instead of a Random Tuesday Off and jacking up my rhythm and routine for two solid weeks. 



describe your dnd characters in the worst way possible

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Happy Independence day, now stop setting off explosions and making my dog freak out.

I don’t think you know what that word means

It’s funny you should say that, but I actually know what all of the words in this picture mean! Shocking, right? Just in case anyone doesn’t know, here’s definitions for the whooole thing!

I went to college to learn words good.

July 04 2017



Everyone’s starter anime is death note.

I don’t count sailor moon or dbz cuz you watched those as a kid and assumed they were cartoons.

I mean when you got “into” anime fully aware of what it was and actually became immmmmmersed in this bizarre weeb culture.

It’s usually death note.

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i found them

“The boys are coming from INSIDE THE TOWN”









who was the fool who was tasked with naming the galaxy and the only adjective they could think of was ‘mmmmmmmmmmmmilky…’

scientist: (gazing up at space) 
scientist: ……….. it sure is a milky boy 




When it came time to name the two theoretical particle types that might be dark matter THEY INTENTIONALLY CHOSE THE NAMES SO THAT THE ACRONYMS WOULD SPELL “WIMPS” AND “MACHOS” I SHIT YOU NOT


I just listened to a talk by Neil deGrasse Tyson himself LAST NIGHT and he went on about this more than once.

“I’m walking down the street and I’m like ‘ooh pretty rock…’ and some Geologist is like ‘actually, that’s anorthosite feldspar’ and I’m like ‘Nevermind, I don’t want it anymore.’ Any biologists in the audience? [some clapping] Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. The most important molecule in the human body, what did you name it? It has NINE SYLLABLES and it’s so long that even YOU GUYS abbreviate it as ‘DNA’!

But astrophysicists and astronomers? No, man, we call it like we see it. Star made of neutrons? NEUTRON STAR. Small white star? WHITE DWARF. You know that big red spot on Jupiter? Know what we called it? JUPITER’S RED SPOT.”

okay i’m glad you mentioned the biologist nonsense bc their naming methods are the bane of my existence

I see your astrophysicists-are-shit-at-names and raise you Marine-Biologists-Are-Fucking-Maniacs.

See this beautiful creature?

It’s a carnivorous deep-sea sponge that lives off of Easter Island and never sees the light of day, as it’s about 9000 feet down. Those delicate-looking orbs are covered in millions of tiny hooked spines, which latch onto anything unfortunate enough to bump into it, and hold it in place as it is digested alive by the sponge’s skin.  Amazing, beautiful and profoundly creepy.  They could have given it so many cool names.  Could have drawn on mythology (I think Scylla would have been an appropriate reference), the region it was found in, the textured skin, PHAGOCYTOSIS, anything!  

You wanna know what they called it?


Good job, marine biologists.

That’s so unfair, you can’t blame biologists for DNA. Biologists were going to call it “nuclein” because it’s IN the NUCLEUS, but the chemists said that was stupid.

It was a fair point tho. There was no other way to name deoxyribonucleic acid REALLY, as it is a chemical term - and as we all know, things named in chemistry have to follow a strict nomenclature. Basically, chemical names are like ship names - squishing together words that contain a lot of meta-information - except that instead of telling you about the relationship, they contain all the information you need to recreate the molecule. Anything ending in -ane (propane, methane, butane) is a type of Flammable Fuelly Stuff. Anything ending in -ose (glucose, fructose, sucrose, lactose) is a sugar. And so on. So since DNA is a serious chemical compound, it had to be named accordingly.

An alien chemist, looking at the name DNA, goes “oh, so you worked out how to stabilise RNA for long-term storage? Oh that is VERY CLEVER. Guys, check out this lifehack that the Earthlings did - you just knock an extra oxygen off the sugar. In fact, you de-oxy the ribose to make it!”

So most of the chemical compounds that biology is built on were named using official chemical nomenclature.

This is a good thing, looking at the track record of Biologists Naming Stuff. Especially geneticists. Who, among other crimes, named the gene that causes some fruit flies to get drunk better than other fruit flies “Cheap Date.”

This rapidly became problematic because it’s inappropriate to tell a pregnant couple, “sorry, your fetus is going to die, because it has a Tinman mutation. Err, meaning it has a tragic genetic defect and will have no heart. Sorry about the name, geneticists thought it would be funny.”

The nations of the world literally had to convene and create a system of nomenclature and rules determining what biologists are allowed to name and how we are allowed to do it. Sadly, even if you discover a new species all by yourself, you’re not allowed to name it “Tyrannosaurus bigfucker” - at least not any more - we did manage to sneak in some brilliant puns and hilarious names before the No Fun Allowed Curtain came down.

If it had been up to us, we probably would have named DNA “Twirly Fucker” or something.

Anyway the Milky Way is named because Northern Europeans named it using English, and in Northern European myths the cloudy star-trail visible in the sky (the arms of our galaxy, if you zoom out) looks like spilled milk. Milk is culturally important to Northern Europeans, so there you go. If Pawnee scientists had named it, it would be the Buffalo Dust Galaxy. It could’ve been worse, it could have been God Sperm Galaxy or something. Archaeoastronomy is the study of how ancient peoples interacted with and named the stars and it is fucked up, go learn about it.


Here I am again with one of these, sort of updated.

I want more Dragon Age on my dash so please like/reblog (signal boost would be nice) if you:

1. support Anders, are Anders positive, are stingy and distrustful about what people are doing with Anders at every second of your existence. cherish the cutest apostate and defend him with your life.

2. love dorian pavus.

3. are sera positive, post lots of sera, love sera, cherish the cutest city elf.

4. are merrill positive, post lots of merrill, love merrill, cherish the cutest dalish elf.

or just anything dragon age as long as you don’t hate anders, sera, or merrill.

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I really wanted to put these specific words down in pixels.

A nice strong statement.

Thanks, @callmearcturus



Never apologize for your giant dogs getting overexcited, if I get taken down by a 100 pound mass of fluff then that’s how I go.

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Here’s Remus we gave him an ativan for the fireworks and now he’s too zonked to move.

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Togashi I LOVE you, this thing is creepy as hell and I love it so much for that~

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So while waiting for my sister to finally let me sleep at 3am I decided to experiment with a new brush tool and I kinda really like it??

So here have a tiny custom Carver with a crab

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a sincere and hearty fuck you to the fourth of july

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